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1928 to 1935

This period saw a second series of dress uniform.  These epaulettes displayed below were detachable and worn on the normal service tunic.  General ranks wore gold insignia.

Lieutenant Captain Commandant



1935 to 1955

These are the epaulettes for the dress uniform worn between the mid 1935's to 1955.  As you can see there were two colours, GOLD and SILVER (depending on the Corps).  The two gold epaulettes displayed below show how over the years the gilding can rub off.

Lieutenant (Gold) Commandant (Gold) Captain (Silver) Lieutenant Colonel (Silver)
   Note the worn gilding
on this epaulette

NOTE: Gold was worn by the Air Corps and Artillery.  Silver was worn by the Infantry



1955 to 1971

These are the epaulettes for the dress uniform worn between 1955 and 1971.  The uniform was very plain and the absence of  collar badges did not help.  There was a short period in the late 1970's when officers of the Signal Corps wore miniature size collar badges.

2nd Lieutenant Lieutenant Captain Commandant
              Actual Size: 17.5cm x 6.0cm       
Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Major General Lieutenant General



Since 1971

This set of epaulettes for the dress uniform worn after 1971 and will be displayed here at a later date.

2/Lieutenant Lieutenant Captain Commandant Lt Colonel
Colonel Brigadier Gen Major Gen Lieutenant Gen  



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